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ASC95 – X12N Maintenance Request Processing Draft for Review

ASC95 – X12N Maintenance Request Processing Draft for Review

The X12N chair and vice-chair worked with a representative ad hoc group, including work group co-chairs, technical subject matter experts, and experienced technical report developers to bring this draft process forward for review/comment by X12N's constituents. At the conclusion of the review period, the ad hoc group will consider all the feedback and after any necessary revisions are applied, an X12N subcommittee ballot will be conducted as an electronic vote.

The ASC95 – X12N Maintenance Request Processing draft is no longer available for online review. The comment period opened on January 29, 2021 and closed on March 1, 2021 at 5pm ET.

The draft is presented in entirety with a form to be completed and submitted for each section the comments are referencing. All comments on the content of the draft must be submitted individually via the form. All comments related to the wording presented in the draft will be considered although commenters may not receive a direct response to their comments.

If you have questions about this online review or the subsequent steps, not about the wording of the draft, submit them on the feedback form, selecting the "X12N MR Processing Draft" category.