Section title: News

ASC X12N Chair Announcement

Last week, X12 announced the passing of Laurie Burckhardt, the ASC’s X12N chair. Laurie has been a significant contributor for many years and we will greatly miss her leadership and enthusiasm.

As usual, Laurie did her best to ensure the interests of the X12N subcommittee would be met regardless of her unexpected health challenges. In the weeks before her passing, Laurie spoke with me about her confidence in her vice-chair, Tara Rose, the X12N constituents, and in the X12 staff. During the week of July 19th, Laurie submitted her official resignation from the X12N chair position.  

Per ASC policy, Tara has assumed the X12N chair position. Tara and Laurie have worked as a very strong leadership team since the beginning of their terms and I’m confident that she is well-equipped to serve as the X12N chair. This is a transition that none of us expected or wanted, but I know that the X12N constituents will step up to support Tara as she takes on this new role. Luann and I, the rest of the ASC leadership team, X12 staff, and the X12 board are standing by to assist as needed.

If you have questions related to these organizational adjustments, please submit X12's feedback form.


Gary Beatty
ASC Chair