Section title: News

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) World Standards Week

World Standards Week is underway through October 14, 2022. We are proud to be chartered by ANSI as an Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) for more than 40 years.

It is also the perfect time to recognize the global impact of the many contributions made by our remarkable X12 community. We are grateful for our diverse members and vast numbers of member organizations and industries that we serve who collectively drive business-to-business processes worldwide.

Your active engagement in our rigorous, consensus-based standards development, implementation and use of interoperable data interchange standards facilitates rich and consistent standardized electronic exchange. Together, we are helping supply chain, health care, transportation, finance, and insurance industries achieve great efficacies through successful electronic data sharing between business partners.

X12’s foundation of excellence in standards development is predicated on the strength and collaboration of its members and stakeholders. On behalf of the X12 organization, we thank you all for your trust, loyalty and unending support.


Cathy Sheppard
CEO, X12