Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Negative amount and quantity values

Is it compliant with the TR3 requirements to send negative values for quantity and amount data values such as: 
- 2400/HCP12 (Repriced Approved Service Unit Count)
- 2430/SVD05 (Paid Service Unit Count)
- 2400/SV104 (Service Unit Count)
- 2400/SV102 (Line Item Charge Amount)

RFI Response

While some elements support a negative value, the contents of the elements must always report an accurate business situation.  When sending a replacement claim after a previous payer sent an 835 indicating a reversal and correction, the correction information would be provided here, not the reversal.

A negative value is inconsistent with the definition of these elements

If the submitter is trying to correct a claim, they should not submit negative charges and units as adjustments.  To correct a claim the submitter should void and replace the previous submission.