Candidate Statement - LuAnn Hetherington

Vice-Chair Candidate
LuAnn Hetherington, Highmark

Number of years in X12

Why are you interested in serving as the ASC Vice-Chair?
It has been an honor and a privilege to serve X12 as the ASC Vice-Chair for the past 6 years. I have enjoyed working with the ASC constituents and would love the opportunity to continue to serve as your Vice-Chair. Over my tenure, I have seen greater communication and collaboration efforts across subcommittees, process improvements and new collaboration with other standards organizations. I would like to continue to play a part in the efforts to expand the ASC's activities with other organizations while streamlining and strengthening our own processes and work products.

Why are you qualified to serve in the position?
I have been an active member of X12 since 1993. During that time, I have participated in several subcommittees including X12N, X12J, X12C, and PRB. I have held leadership roles at several levels. I have been involved in many of the process improvements and understand the need for streamlining and continuity. I believe in the future of X12 and understand that collaboration with others is crucial.

What will your priorities or initiatives be if you are elected?

  • Continue to improve the various processes to efficiently produce work products annually
  • Continue to promote X12 and foster growth in the membership
  • Continue to improve communication and collaboration across the ASC subcommittees
  • Continue to promote cross work activities with other standards organizations
  • Continue to support the ASC leadership and conduct the PRB agenda