Candidate Statement - Gary Beatty

Chair Candidate
Gary Beatty, American Specialty Health

Number of years in X12

Why are you interested in serving as the ASC Chair?
I am very passionate about standards and their development, promotion, and use. I have the leadership skills needed to effectively chair the ASC including patience, listening skills, the ability to help people find compromise while meeting business needs, a deep historical knowledge of the ASC, and the vision to move the ASC into the future while maintaining the integrity and value of our standards.

Why are you qualified to serve in the position?
I have over 30 years of experience implementing EDI solutions in the grocery, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and healthcare industries. For the last 30 years I have been focused on EDI implementation within the healthcare industry for healthcare payers and providers within organizations including Employers Health Insurance (Humana), The Mayo Clinic, Medicare, the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense, UnitedHealthGroup, and currently with American Specialty Health. I also have had the opportunity to work through EC Integrity/EDI Partners offering EDI education to over 35,000 health care professionals since 2000.

I have held many leadership positions within X12 including serving as Co-Chair for the 837 Coordination of Benefits Work Group, 837 Healthcare Claims Work Group, and Health Care Task Group. I've served as Chair of X12N, the Insurance Subcommittee, as Vice-Chair of the ASC, as Chair of the ASC (current position), and as Vice-Chair of the X12 Board of Directors (current position).

I have also represented X12 on the WEDI Board of Directors and the Designated Standards Maintenance Organizations (DSMO), and testified on behalf of X12 before the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics on topics ranging from HIPAA standards, clinical information exchanges, and security and privacy.

What will your priorities or initiatives be if you are elected?

  • Continue building on the strength and value of the standards and work products our members and customers need to do business electronically.
  • Promote greater participation within the ASC, fostering innovation and increased opportunities for the use of our standards and work products. This includes providing opportunities for collaboration, development of relationships, and leadership growth.
  • Represent the ASC on the X12 Board, focusing on managing the business of X12 to ensure we maintain our stability and financial self-determination
  • Work with the ASC Steering Committee to drive the development and maintenance of the standards and work products we maintain.
  • Continue the evolution to X12's Annual Release Cycle (ARC) and associated Maintenance Request processes.
  • Promote greater understanding and harmonization of X12 standards with other organizations including standards developers, federal and state government agencies, and other industry stakeholders.