X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 35 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas which drive business processes globally.

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X12 Announces Claims Attachment Schema Pilot

The X12 Board is pleased to announce support for a proof-of-concept pilot that utilizes standardized, simplified schema for clinical information request and response messages based on X12’s claims attachment metadata. The schema produced under this pilot is based on, and complimentary to, transactions published as part of X12's EDI Standard.

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Updated Privacy Policy

We've updated our privacy policy, which explains our privacy practices and how we treat your information. Please review the new privacy policy here.


X12 Enhancements - Maintenance Requests

Based on feedback from key X12 stakeholders, we’ve streamlined the process to submit maintenance or change requests for X12’s various work products. In the past, access to request forms were in several menu entries. Now there is one unified launch page.

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X12's Insurance Subcommittee (X12N) has summarized the status of the ongoing public reviews.

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What's New

04/23/2018 X12 EDI Standard and Subreleases
03/30/2018 Announcing Another Public Review Period for Two X12 007030 Implementation Guides
03/27/2018 Summer 2018 Meeting Registration Open
01/18/2018 Taylor and Fetzer Re-elected to the X12 Board
12/21/2017 Announcing an Informational Forum for the 999
12/21/2017 Announcing an Informational Forum for Three X12 Implementation Guides
11/30/2017 X12 Board of Directors Election
10/16/2017 X12's Accredited Standards Committee Elects Officers
10/02/2017 Announcing Board of Director Elections
08/31/2017 Announcing Public Review Periods for 3 Draft Implementation Guides

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