Membership Benefits

X12 membership categories and associated annual dues are available here.

X12 Standards Development & Participation

  • Participate in a robust standards committee with over 30 years of collective business process and technical expertise in the development and adoption of electronic data exchange standards.
  • Proactively shape the most widely used X12 EDI standards in a consensus-based environment that meets both vertical and horizontal market needs.
  • Produce XML messages used for business-to-business data exchange using X12's revolutionary approach to message design, Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA).

Meetings, Conferences & Educational Venues

  • Receive free registration for unlimited organization participation at X12 meetings where members convene to actively develop, maintain and drive implementation of X12 EDI and XML messages. This is a $2,685 savings per attendee per year.
  • Take advantage of member discounts to conferences and educational venues.

Standards and Publications

  • Obtain complimentary and early access to user-friendly reference guides that contain the latest work on X12 EDI standards and X12 CICA messages that can be expressed as XML schema.
  • Receive substantial member discounts on X12 publications and standards.
  • Access X12 XML Schemas, freely downloadable and available for runtime validation.

Networking & Visibility

  • Increase your visibility via a listing of your organization's name on the X12 web site.
  • Showcase your products and services via numerous Sponsorship and Tabletop opportunities available at member-special rates.
  • Collaborate with complementary standards initiatives via X12's numerous formal liaisons and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) to design integrated electronic exchange solutions.
  • Network with top decision-makers and technology innovators who establish and implement electronic data exchange standards.

Interest Categories

Interest categories are important to ensure the development of consensus in any given standards activity. These include:

  • General Interest - One that monitors activities related to the electronic exchange of business data.
  • User - One that uses a commercial software product to exchange business data electronically.
  • Vendor - One that provides solutions to assist users in exchanging business data electronically (commercial software, consulting, implementation, etc.).
  • User/Vendor - One that uses and provides a commercial software product to exchange business data electronically.